We are among the few who qualify as experts in the manufactured housing industry. While this is a distraction from our escrow business, we recognize the need of those who have been seriously aggrieved. Accordingly, we will accept a plaintiff's case whenever we feel the plaintiff's damage was the result of fraud or gross negligence where the level of infraction could qualify for criminal prosecution if not for the case overload of the local district attorney. - For more information, contact J.C. Strutzel.


For a variety of reasons, it is not uncommon for someone to own a manufactured home without having perfected title. Remaining in this situation poses a risk. In addition, it could delay the subsequent resale or refinance of the home. We have the skills necessary to help perfect title to the home. - For more information, contact Tina Poe or Rachel Vieyra.


We have been closely involved with the development of laws governing the manufactured housing since 1976. We have helped draft statutes and regulations affecting escrow, titling & registration, taxation, and lien holder security. One of our associates developed the manufactured home loan procedure manual for First Interstate Bank in the years immediately preceding its sale to Wells Fargo Bank. Another associate for many years has served as the Legislative Chairman of the California Manufactured Housing Institute. Our background makes us particularly well suited to consult with lenders, developers, mobile home park converters and attorneys. We are also expert in many of the laws which affect manufactured home dealers and real estate brokers. - For more information, contact J.C. Strutzel.


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