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Section 17003 of the California Financial Code provides a technical definition of the term "escrow". In simpler terms, basically an escrow agent acts as a neutral third party & middleman in sales, leases or refinances of real estate or personal property. For example:

A prospective buyer places money into an escrow trust account along with the instruction that those funds are to be held in that escrow trust account until certain specified conditions have been fulfilled, which may include getting title to a specific piece of property. When all of the specified conditions are fulfilled, the buyer's monies are credited to the seller and the buyer gets title to the property which was the subject of the escrow.

The responsibilities of an escrow agent can differ greatly from one transaction to another. So just because you have already been involved in an escrow process, you should not assume the duties of the escrow agent will be the same as they were in the previous transaction. It is prudent to take the time to read your particular escrow instructions. This will help insure that you get the desired result.


General Real Estate: We handle a variety of real estate escrow transactions, including: tract, resale, commercial, refinance and loan. While we have people trained in virtually every type of escrow, we have elected to specialize in just a few areas. That allows us to provide a higher quality of service at a better price.

Escrows are usually "opened" by an agent or a lender. But we strongly encourage buyers, sellers or potential borrowers looking to refinance their home to select their own escrow agent. This will help you avoid the possibility that the chosen escrow agent might have a conflict of interest.

If you are buying or selling real estate without the benefit of a real estate agent (ie. for sale by owner), then not only will you be choosing the escrow agent, you will also "open" the escrow. This procedure is much easier than it may sound. Our knowledgeable and friendly escrow officer will help walk you through the process.

Manufactured Homes/Mobilehomes: Express Escrow has earned a reputation for excellence and is widely regarded as the best "mobilehome escrow agent" in the State. Nearly every major institutional lender has consulted with Express Escrow prior to entering the mobilehome market. Express Escrow has processed over 90,000 mobilehome escrows, a most impressive number. More importantly, the work is done quickly and accurately.

We have many fine peers who process real estate escrows, but there are only a handful of knowledgeable escrow agents in the State who understand the "mobilehome escrow laws" well enough to insure that consumer rights specified by law are provided. This is an important point when you consider that the "mobilehome escrow law" was created in large part to protect the rights of consumers. Unfortunately, many people unknowingly waive their rights and suffer the consequence without ever knowing the difference.

Although the trend is changing in real estate, it was typical for an escrow agent to be located in close proximity to either the subject property or one of the parties involved with the escrow. However, when a manufactured home is involved, it is becoming commonplace for an escrow agent to be situated many miles away, connected by an 800 line and a facsimile machine. The value of finding a skilled escrow agent is the driving force.

If you are buying a manufactured home/mobilehome through a dealer, do not be surprised when the dealer has chosen us, even when the dealership is located in San Jose, Palm Springs, San Diego, or anywhere else in the State. What this tells you is that your dealer has elected to comply with the very strict "mobilehome escrow laws" which were designed to protect you. This is an indication that you have picked a dealer concerned about their customers.


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