Appointed by the Department of Housing and Community Development to an escrow ad hoc committee in 1981to develop new regulations for manufactured home dealer transactions

   Escrow Agents’ Fidelity Corporation (EAFC): [i]  Appointed by the Department of Corporations to the Formation Committee that created EAFC; served as member of EAFC’s Board of    

         Directors nearly every year since inception in 1984; held many positions as an officer of EAFC, including Chairman of the Board; 

    Served as officers and directors of the Orange County Escrow Association;

    Leading contributor of technical articles concerning manufactured home escrows published by the California Escrow Association’s publication, CEA News;

    Conducted training seminars on technical escrow violations for enforcement personnel of two State Departments;

    Provided technical assistance to a member of the secondary market whose loan portfolio contained loans that had been misrepresented;

    Served as a director of the California Manufactured Housing Institute since its inception in 1986;

    Recruited as an escrow expert on manufactured housing to assist in drafting legislation by the California Bankers Association[ii], the State Controller’s office[iii], the California Association of Realtors[iv], among others;

    Engaged as an expert witness or consultant by institutional lenders and/or mortgage companies who may have been defrauded   by an escrow agent;

          We are proud to be an escrow agent and assist and receive assistance from our peers.

           Proud to have serviced the escrow needs in the state of California for over 40 years.

[i] EAFC is a State mandated entity that has limited over-sight authority and provides all licensed escrow agents with fidelity bonding protection pursuant to §17300 et. seq. of the Financial Code.

[ii] Senate Bill 1035, 1983 (completely revamped the laws governing manufactured housing to protect consumers and lenders)

[iii] Assembly Bill 2481, 1987 (created tax clearance certificates)

[iv] Senate Bill 259, 1997 (created to permit DRE & HCD licensees to cooperate on the sale of chattel manufactured homes)